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What do the American media say about sitting?

Avoid sedentary behaviour: stop sitting still
5th Mar 2021

Inactivity is an ongoing pandemic. The life-saving impact of moving your body
6th Feb 2021

Reduce the chances of being a sitting duck for ill health by combating sedentary working-from-home life with intermittent activity
22nd Jan 2021

The dangers of sitting all day
2nd Sep 2020

Spending 30 minutes less time sitting down a day may cut the risks of dying from cancer
18th Jun 2020

How to stay healthy while working from home during lockdown
2nd May 2020

Home office health and fitness – you should try a standing desk
23rd Mar 2020

Sitting Is Bad for Your Health, But Not All Types of Sitting Were Created Equal
26th Jun 2019

Is sitting too much bad for your health?
19th Jun 2019

Alarming new research claims 70,000 deaths a year are caused by our increasingly sedentary lives
25th Mar 2019