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Costs of Prolonged Sitting to the Employer

Sitting for prolonged periods (longer than 30 minutes at a time) and excessively (more than 4 hours per day in the office) contributes to a variety of human factor costs which directly hits the bottom line of American business today:

1.  Costs of Absenteeism:
  • Absenteeism in the workplace can fall by as much as 42% through wellness programs
2. Cost of Presenteeism:
  • Reduced productivity when employees come to work disengaged or perform at lower levels as a result of ill health.
3. Increased Productivity, Engagement and Wellbeing:
  • Users of Sit- Stand workstations unanimously claim to be more alert, task-driven and positive.
  • Research shows a direct link between healthy employees and improved performance.
  • Meetings are kept short and efficient.
  • Better posture and reduced risk of back pain.
  • Higher energy levels, especially afternoons.