Some of the most frequent questions about Sit-Stand work stations are covered below:

Q.1  How long should I stand each day?

We recommend that you try to stand 50 percent of your working day If that is too much we would suggest a very minimum of 2 hours but you can mix it up in spurts as little as 10 – 15 minutes.

Q.2 What is the maximum period of standing recommended?

We recommend that you avoid standing more than 6 hours whilst at work or 70% of your working day. To avoid getting tired you should mix it up, and move around as much as you can to encourage blood flow. Work for one or two hours at a time, take breaks, walk off and mix it up every day.

Q.3 Don’t you get tired standing too much?

People who have not used a Sit-Stand desk before often wonder how someone can stand at a desk for eight hours a day to do work. Don’t you get tired?

Try to structure your day and avoid spending more than two hours in a row at your desk to avoiding tiring your out.

Obviously you can push yourself to go beyond two hours, but the diminishing returns really start to kick in after that. You quickly fatigue or drop in output quality or lose focus.